Choosing Orthotics For Hiking


If you hike a lot, you need to take care of your feet. One of the best ways to take care of your feet, especially when you hike regularly, is by wearing orthotic inserts inside of your shoes. Orthotics come in many varieties though. So, how do you pick the right ones? Here are a few tips to guide you. 

If you have diabetes or ongoing injury problems, go custom.

Most people don't need custom orthotics for hiking; they can do just fine with ones from the pharmacy or shoe store. However, there are two kinds of people who do need to have custom orthotics made. The first is people with diabetes. When you have diabetes, you can't risk sores on your feet as they could become infected and take a long time to heal. If you're prone to injuries, you'll want orthotics that correct your gait and the way you stand on your feet, and it's best to let an orthopedist design those for you so they have support in the right places.

Look for breathable material.

Hiking is a demanding activity that causes you to sweat. As such, you will want orthotics that breathe, rather than hold in the heat and sweat. Orthotics made for people who work in an office all day are not a good choice for hiking. Instead, look for ones that are made from lighter, breathable material so your feet stay dry while you're on the trail. This will go a long way toward preventing blisters and rubs. There are some orthotics made specifically for hiking, and these may be a good choice, but orthotics made for running or general sports use may also work.

Make sure you can cut them to fit.

When you're walking miles in orthotics, you can't have them rubbing. They need to be a perfect fit inside of your shoes. So, look for a style that you can cut down to fit perfectly inside your hiking shoes. The orthotics should also come with instructions to ensure you're able to cut them accurately. You don't want them to move or shift inside your shoes, and you don't want them to stretch up the sides either.

Hiking can be a lot more comfortable when you have orthotics in your shoes for extra padding and support. Follow the advice above to find orthotics that really work for you and prevent future problems.  


30 September 2022

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