Fighting Back Against Plantar Fasciitis: 3 Pain-Reducing Strategies


Plantar fasciitis occurs when the band of tissue connecting the arch and the ball of your foot becomes inflamed. In most cases, the point of pain is where the heel connects with the arch, but pain can also occur where the arch meets the ball of your foot. There are a few ways to reduce the pain of plantar fasciitis:


Exercises can seem counterintuitive, but various types of movement can have long-term benefits. Plantar fasciitis is worse in the morning and after extended periods of inactivity. When you are awake, walking around periodically can prevent strenuous pain from occurring. Specific exercises prescribed by a physical therapist are also beneficial. One type of exercise that is good for plantar fasciitis is pulling your foot toward the shin. This should create a gentle stretch of the calf muscle. To enhance the stretch, you may want to wrap a towel around your foot to help pull it toward you. Massaging your plantar fascia is another tactic to reduce pain. You can manually massage the plantar fascia by rubbing the bottom of your feet.

Massages before you get out of bed may help you avoid pain during your first steps. Throughout the day, you can try using a tennis ball or other round object and rolling it back and forth with your foot. You should make sure to roll the object along the length of the plantar fascia.


Certain types of orthotics may help give you more arch support and reduce pain. Before you consider orthotics, whether store-bought or custom, you need to start with good shoes. Sneakers will provide the best options for reducing plantar fasciitis pain because there is a wide range of styles that can work for any foot. You should look for a shoe with heel stabilization, a cushioned sole, and adequate arch support. Some shoes have foam for the sole, which can help with shock absorption as you walk and cushion the heel.

Once you have a good pair of shoes, you can start thinking about orthotics to make them even more comfortable. Orthotics for plantar fasciitis may span the length of your shoe or only the heel. The options that span the length of your shoe are a good option if you need additional arch support, whereas the ones that only cover the heel are ideal if you need more cushion in that area. Custom orthotics are ideal because they are created for your unique foot shape, gait, and problems.

Pain Management

The degree of pain management necessary will largely depend on how much plantar fasciitis interferes with your life. For many people, once they get over the pain associated with the first few steps of the day, their heel no longer bothers them, making medication unnecessary. People with prolonged pain can benefit from the occasional use of oral or topical NSAIDs that can be purchased in the store. Topical NSAIDs are a better option since they do not affect the gastrointestinal system, but they take a while to start working with consistent use. Steroid injections can be an option for people with frequent pain that interferes with their ability to walk. The steroid is injected at the site of the pain and within a couple of days, will reduce the inflammation associated with plantar fasciitis.

Plantar fasciitis can range from the occasional nuisance pain to severe. Incorporating tactics to not only reduce pain but also reduce its occurrence will give you the best chance at overcoming the condition and not requiring more extensive treatments.


31 August 2021

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